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“This book has everything. Laura Ashley Gallagher does an excellent job of weaving all the elements together to create a page-turner that will have readers eager for her next novel, Losing Love, due out later this year.” Booklife Prize

“Author Laura Ashley Gallagher has crafted a very emotive work of fiction with plenty of deep feelings, poignant lessons, and memorable moments to offer readers. I found the portrayal of protagonist Jessica and how she deals with daily life to be realistic and relatable, and it was used to strengthen the overall plot rather than being relied upon as a plot gimmick. This deepened the emotional resonance of the story as the plot took many unexpected twists and turns, but I was with the characters at every step and fully invested (and in tears) by the story’s end. Overall, I would highly recommend Watch Over My Life to fans of heartfelt emotional dramas, realistic characters with deep dimensions, and for contemporary romance fans everywhere.” – Readers’ Favorite

Book Summary

Watch Over My Life and Losing Love are both standalone books in the What Will Be book series and can be read in any order, but it is recommended that they are both read before If By Chance.

Jessica Connors has her life figured out – successful career, independent woman, and hiding a life-threatening illness.

She plans to keep it that way even when Jake Williams comes crashing into her life. As her brother’s childhood friend and now her boss, she despises everything about him. So, when she wakes up naked in his bed one morning, she wonders how she has ended up there.

Their one-night stand sets off a series of surprising events that will bring the pair closer than ever, and she gives away something she never knew he wanted.

Her heart.

Her life becomes everything she has dreamed of, but dreams don’t last forever. Somebody always wakes you eventually. And when Jessica wakes, it forces her to face a past that is haunting her, and secrets best left unspoken – secrets that will change both of their lives forever.

Trigger warnings: Grief, domestic abuse, cancer.

Book Summary

Watch Over My Life and Losing Love are both standalone books in the What Will Be book series and can be read in any order, but it is recommended that they are both read before If By Chance.

When I was nineteen, I had a plan. Work hard, become a teacher, and spend the rest of my life with my childhood sweetheart, Nick. But here’s the thing with plans—they’re fickle. I didn’t plan for Nick to die that year, or all the choices I’d have to make.

Six years on, I didn’t plan to stumble into Alex Hale—the man with piercing blue eyes and a smile that makes me melt. I didn’t plan to fall in love with him. With his heat and passion, he reignited the fire I had lost.

But I made choices in my past that will jeopardize everything. It’s a past that taught me our words can hurt, but it’s the ones we don’t have time to say that can destroy us.

Trigger warnings: Loss of a loved one, grief, depression.

It is recommended that both Watch Over My Life and Losing Love are read before If By Chance.

We have three rules:
One night.
No kissing.
No falling in love.

Memories can do different things to alter our perception of reality. Attached to those memories are strings, and each string holds the emotions we felt.

They can make us laugh and cry. They can anchor us. They can drag us back when all we want to do is run to the future.

Memories dance in the shadows. They cast doubts over everything we know is true. Memories can break down walls and build impenetrable barriers.

These memories I speak of; they’re not mine.

They’re his.

And I see his memories flicker beneath warm eyes.

He fights with it.

For me, he battles with a presence no longer here.

But I can’t compete with a memory.

Because his memory is her.

Trigger warnings: Grief, loss of a loved one, domestic abuse, PTSD, suicide, stalking, violence, assault.

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