Beta Reader Information

Would you like to be a beta reader for my next novel?

By September 1st, I’ll be ready for beta readers for my next contemporary romance novel.

At the bottom of this post, there’s a link to apply to be a beta reader. But before you fill out that form, please read ALL of the following explanation.

Explanation: What is a beta reader?

Beta readers read a book early, before it’s in its completed form. (There will be errors and rough spots in the book.)

Beta readers give detailed feedback by a specific date. (You’ll have three weeks after I send you the ebook. I’ll give you a feedback form to fill out, and you’re also welcome to provide feedback in another format.)

A little about this book:

Title: Losing Love

Length: Full-length novel, around 100,000 words.

Genre: Contemporary romance

Content: I’d rate it 18+. It contains language and sexual scenes. There are also some descriptions of past depression.

Selection Process: I limit the size of my beta reading team, and I’ll choose those who seem most likely good fits for this particular book.

Beta reading is a big deal. I depend on my beta readers to bring me crucial feedback because I want to write the best book I can, and it comes with a huge amount of my appreciation.

Complete the beta reading mission and I will list your name in my book’s Acknowledgements.

If this doesn’t sound like a good fit, that’s 100% okay.

But if you made it this far and are thinking, “This is right up my alley,” click here to fill out the application to become a beta reader. Please fill out by August 28.

Thanks for being interested in my books!

Laura Ashley Gallagher